Internship Digital Portfolio

Cebu Institute of Technology-University

Cebu City

College of Computer Studies


Cebu Innosoft Solutions Inc.

May 9 – June 9, 2017


Dr. Larmie Feliscuzo


Dino Martin M. Monteclaro

BSIT – 3


I. Innosoft Solutions Services Inc.

II. Company Profile


  • Company’s History


  • Organizational Structure


  • Nature of Business
    • Software Developing
    • Software Maintenance
  • Processed Involved
    • Clients meet up with sales and marketing staffs to perform kick off meeting.
    • Client is introduced to the software.
    • If client buys it, he/she will be taught how to go around the software.
    • Implementor, together with a technical support personnel, installs the software.


  • Description & Scope of Function/ Duty/Responsibility
    • Hardware and software troubleshooting
    • Client database backup
    • Software updating
    • Hardware installation
    • Software Installation
  • Organizational Structure/Chart
  • Specific Job / Duty as OJT Trainee
    • Support customers regarding their software issues
    • Answer basic software questions
    • Being a back-up technical support whenever there are no tech supports available


  • Support customer’s basic questions, perform remote desktop to client’s desktop for software troubleshooting, do some basic css/javascripts for the company


  • As perceived by the company
    • Over-demanding clients
    • Few technical support personnel available sometimes because most are deployed outside Cebu for 3 days to 1 week span.
    • Overflowing technical issues from different clients and few technical support personnel.
  • As perceived by the Trainee
    • Few technical support personnel available sometimes because most are deployed outside Cebu for 3 days to 1 week span.
    • Overflowing technical issues from different clients and few technical support personnel.
    • Over-demanding clients
    • Sometimes, the client’s place is too far when performing onsite visit for troubleshooting.
  • Findings and Analysis
    • The company has a very nice environment, no pressure, suitable for this kind of job. Also employees, especially in the technical support department, are very friendly and jamming. Throws a lot of jokes that makes working not stressful and boring. My supervisor is a very great person, very friendly and really guided me throughout my ojt period.
    • As a technical support personnel, it is a really tough job especially when dealing with clients. Some really needs the patience.
  • Recommendations
    • Expand the company, or the place, to have more staffs. Especially the technical support team. Everyday, the technical support receive so many issues or problems coming from different clients. Technical support staffs sometimes is having a hard time dealing with so many issues to solve. That is why they should expand.


  • Things Learned During The OJT
    • I learned several technical skills during my time as an intern. I learned some scripts regarding PHP and improved my database SQL knowledge as well. It improved me as a social individual too since I get to talk to customers regarding their concerns for the company.
  • Ways to Improve the OJT Program
    • The OJT program is good. We are provided the documents we needed to comply, it is up to the student when to complete these things. But what really bothers me is the very high tuition fee to pay considering the fact that we are not occupying any classrooms nor paying instructors to teach us. Miscellaneous would be fine I guess. But tuition fee? I don’t know. I don’t really get why we pay the normal cost per unit in the ojt program, considering the reasons above.
    • To sum things up, OJT program is a very great idea for students to experience the real job experience. But some things are really worth bothering.


  • The OJT Program maybe stressful at first for me but as the time I spent on my company, rendering the desired hours required I enjoyed it a lot. I now know what it feels like working in a real life environment and the things it brings to you. I grew as a person and it inspired me to strive harder to achieve my goals!


  • Pictorial




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